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Personal Training

width="400" height="400" style="float:left; padding-right:10px;" > ● Name: Jake
● Age: 35
● Faith: Jesus Follower
● Married Status: Happily for 6 years
● Kids: Two girls (pray for me!) Emilia Joy - 7 years old, Adilynn Grace - 2 years old (I love it!)
● Years Training: 11 years full time! I thought I would do it part time while planting churches. But God called me to do full-time ministry outside the four walls of the church.
● Certifications: ACSM Personal Training, Cross Fit Level 1
● Education: Masters of Divinity - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
● Bachelors of Arts (Biblical Studies) - Dallas Baptist University

I learned a lot being raised in the country. Namely: Relationships matter. Nature is amazing. Yet, it can be fierce. God is faithful. Hard work produces results. Love is the key.
I train and coach to ultimately teach people how to live strong, balanced lives to the glory of the one who made them. I help people know who they are, think with discipline, feel with controlled passion, and develop physical strength and endurance.
My passion is people. I feel there is no greater goal than to make people better. This is what I do every day of my life. I engage with people to help them in the process of training for life. We may workout together, we may pray together, or we may talk about how they are feeling and why. All of it is training. It is lining the details of our lives up with God’s truth so that we maximize our time on earth. This is my greatest passion. (I also love tea parties with my two year old, pancakes with my 7 year old, dancing with my wife, jiu jitsu, and learning about business concepts...)