5 Pillars of TCT:

1.) Calling - We train “in context”. By this we mean that all the training we take people through is done for ultimate purpose of helping them do what they are called and created to do.

2.) Connection - We believe in the inseparable connection between a person’s spirit, soul and body. This is why we emphasize t raining a ll aspects of the person. We do this by dedicating an entire session dedicated to training the soul (mind, will and emotions). In a group context we examine motives, feelings, habits and their roots, mindsets, etc... When the inside is right, it will manifest on the outside.

3.) Community - We don’t allow isolation. Isolation is the first step towards frustration and failure. Community is a net of safety that keeps someone from falling into the common traps of wrong beliefs, lack of motivation, and no accountability. To train here, you must connect with others - either a personal trainer or a group.

4.) Coaching - Everyone does better and goes harder when they are coached. Coaches ensure safety, help maintain a focus on the end goal, and refuse to let people quit. Because of our community focus, everyone who trains here will be coached. Even our coaches are coached so they are constantly pushed to be better!

5.) Commitment - Success hinges on commitment. We demand a high level of commitment simply because we care about you and we care about results. Training is hard, and for it be effective, one must be consistent. For one to be consistent, they must commit to the process. The reason people fail is because they simply give up. Commitment is a resolution within that says, “I will do whatever it takes.”